Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Family that Stays Together....

Gets to PLAY together!

i am aware it is a statement more commonly known the other way around....

but in our current circumstances...ie  traveling to keep the family together...

this seemed to fit us better!

this is what happens when Dad is home on Sundays.

Meet Shrek Hawker.

Kids Gone Wild....

we had a bouncy fun playdate with some new friends.

the "R" family.

then we played in the backyard of another
new family of friends...

the "E"  family.

We adore them both!

We will miss them when we leave Cali.

xoxo  shell


  1. Hi Rachelle,
    I got the flat topped rings from Michael's. And I'll bet you'll find the earring pieces you're looking for there as well, all on the jewelry-making aisle.
    Good luck! : )