Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spirit Week

This week we recieved a most wonderful package!

Inside there was this monkey.

We named him Chippy.

He was sent to us as our family Mascott

for Hawker Family Spirit Week!

Each day had a theme!

There was Monkey Story Day.

We enjoyed reading a monkey book and

the kids got a chance to write their very own

monkey stories!

There was a Crazy Hair Day.
(i didn't have the memory card in my camera
so the pictures are trapped in my cameras memory)


and a craft day....

We got to paint our own magnets in the park!

On Gratitude Day....

We got to decorate cards and write things
that we are grateful for on them!

This Pen pal of ours thought of everything!

She too is a mom and  knows how
days can get overwhelming....

so she included

"just for mom"


Like this beautiful watch.

which she maked just for me!!!

and some chocolate and a very pretty bookmark

and some lovely smelling soap.

A spirit week was exactly what we needed.

It's like this friend was living her life in such a

manner that she was in tune enough to be an instrument

in God's hands!

I don't know that she will ever know how much i love her
and appreciate her!

xoxo  shell


  1. Yay for spirit week and Chippy Hawker!!! :)

  2. What an awesome thing to find in your mailbox. I think every family should adopt a spirit week, complete with a mascot.
    Go Team Hawker!!!

  3. I totally commented earlier...did you erase it or am I retarded? I need techo geek Jillo to help me!
    What I said was, I am so glad you have a wonderful friend. I hope to grow up to be like my friends..they are so amazing. Be patient, one day I may be as awesome...someday!
    Glad you are a Happy Hawker!

  4. There is still good in the world!!! In abundance!! What a wonderful friend. : ) And it looks like the kiddos loved every minute of it.