Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Birthday for Bubby!

Have you ever watched
a women giving birth on tv and
wondered why they were acting so crazy?
grungting and screaming and yelling at their hubby.
I have.
I rolled my eyes...

Until Bubby was born.

(stay tuned for further details)

Our Bubby is 4

He was  born a week early
 on February 24, 206

at Cottonwood Hospital

He was my smallest baby

6 lbs 13  oz

It was about 9 o'clock at night and I

was getting ready for bed but i hadn't been sleeping well

so i told Matt i was gonna take a hot shower and

a sleeping pill!

My friend jecca lived down the street and had

come down to chat a minute.

That is when the 
Contractions started.

I doubted myself and figured they were Braxton hicks
contractions and that they would go away.

Matt was getting really excited.
He kept saying ....

"let's just go to the Hospital and see how much your dialated"

It was our 2nd child but our first BOY.

Daddy could hardly wait.

I ended up going to bed.

about 10 minutes later (10 pm)

I was in sooooo much pain
but i  was soooo tired from the unisom sleeping pill,
that i could barely force myself to wake up and go get Matt.

I finally was in so much pain that i was fully alert!

I told Matt....


My neighbor and sis in law came down to be with
kenzie as she slept.

I got to the Hospital and told them that i wasnt sure
but i thought that i might be in labor.

The nurse told me Probably not if i was walking
so easily and filling out paperwork at the counter
and was fine.

Inside the exam room,

They checked me and said 

that i was dialated to a 7.

I had about 5 more minutes to get the
epidural or it would be pointless and too late.

I figured that if i was a 7 and i was still doing pretty good....

What the heck....
what's another 3 centimeters???

the nurse said i should just go for a natural

I agreed...(all brave and dumb like)...

One centimeter later ....

I was cussing and  hateful.

I was sure my body was going to explode.

I just knew i was dying.

One could not survive this much pain.

I really felt for the savior in the garden.

every nerve in my body was screaming pain!

at 11:40 Kade Harley Hawker was born. 

He cried from that point on.

All night....All day...

for the most part of 4 years now.

...and You know what????

I thank him for teaching me patience!
He has made me a better person by far!

I love him just the way he is!

He is my little man and i couldn't ask

for a sweeter child.

He is the gentlest soul and the most loving
boy i have ever met.

He is going to make a wonderful
man someday!

Happy Birthday my Bubby!

Nobody knows what a boy is worth,
we'll have to wait and see.
But every man in a noble place,
a boy  once use to be.

xoxo  mom


  1. We love you Kade. Brenna is soooo happy you are 4 now. She's been practicing holding up 4 fingers and can't wait to follow in your foot steps in July. She would like to take you somewhere fun when you are here. Did you get her upside down card? She thought you would like it. Happy Birthday bud. RJAKLEB

  2. P.S. Cute picture of us. B

  3. Niiiiice!! Yeah your labor sounded like my last one.... i was sick so i'd taken cold med to knock me out too. after 2hrs of sleep interrupted i realized what was happening. LOL! I was almost an 8 upon arrival. But i opted for a 'medium dose' of an epidural and LOVED IT! One push and miss 9lb-er was born! But your braveness of naturalness is admirable!! What a sweet boy!!