Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Dancing (in my head)

This post is going to be about ....
....nothing in particular.

I just want to be able to look back and remember
the little things someday.
(like my cool friend jillo)

I am loving the  playgrounds here.

But i have to say.....

Castle Playgrounds are not  for the lazy
You can  never see all your kids at once

so you are running like mad all over the castle grounds

and peering into the lil' buildings calling out your

kids names.

Chuck E Cheese is the man.

He has my back  on the days i cant do it all by myself.

He even has lunch handled.

Love that guy.


Everyday is a fight to get

Kenzie to do homeschooling.

It's gotten really stressful.  She just wants to

be back home.  at school.  like "everyone else does".



Doing really good with the money thing.

budgeting, saving,  putting off purchases

whenever possible.

I'm really getting a hang of this -delayed gratification- thingy.

feels good!  Empowering.

Life isn't about money.  It is about God.  it's about Love.
It's about Family and Relationships. 

It's about Personal Evolution, learning, and growth.

                                                   Richard paul Evans

It's not about ...What can i buy?
but about who can i call?  who can i spend time with?
who can show love to?

How can i better the world today?

Who needs me this day?


I'm feeding my good wolf.
How about you?

what  wolf are you trying to feed?
or  What wolf are you trying to starve for that matter?

xoxo  shell


  1. Castle playground ARE the worst. Kids love um' moms hate um'.

    I haven't been in a Chuck-E-Cheese' in years. They kinda freak me out.

    I need help with the instant gratification thing. I love that you are such a great example for me. Thanks for being awesome and inspiring.

  2. right on, Shell-Bell. Money is not life or happiness, it's just money. I need to be better at the delayed-gratification thingy for sure.

    The wolf I'm trying to feed is the: don't-think-to-much-and-stop-obssessing wolf. :) Unfortunately the chemicals in my brain feed his brother.

    ps...I would comment more if I could comment from my phone. Check out your settings, and see if you can change something that will help me out.